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Alpha Male Gorillas are the Godfathers and illegitimate fathers of the HeaVy Mellow Sound. They'll thrill ya as hard as they'll chill ya, with the lyrics and music speaking volumes loud enough to kill ya. Mixing together psychedelic rock, hip-hop, and blues, and unmatchable energy, the Gorillas have been a Hudson Valley mainstay for nearly 10 years, plundering and pillaging bars and clubs, much to the dismay of the neighbors, lovers of silence, and all local and state law enforcement.


AMG is to Mazzstock what Gov't Mule was to Mountain Jam, headlining every year the festival has been in existence, and providing Big Lee with a full army at his command as needed to pull off this spectacular event. Without question, this is AMG's favorite gig of the year, and the Gorillas are primed and ready to take the Mazzstock faithful deeper into space than they have ever been before.

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