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Whether you like your bacon skillet fried, served as a side, or playing from your player, one thing is clear, people always keep coming back for more Bacon. This uniquely likeable band from Warwick, New York has left its grease stains on the scene for over 13 years now. Made up of 5-9 guys who like to have a good time, the band has become a revolving door of friends to join in on the fun!! Their spirit for life and laughs resonates through their catchy tunes, crowd pleasing covers, and silly and often on-stage antics. Their sound has been described as classic rock meets jam funk with a little reggae and world beat to generate a sizzle that can only be described as bacon. If you hang out with any of the members when their not playing, it's no surprise that these characters would be anything but loved when they perform. They embody humor and their fun filled nature comes to life with candid banter and jokes with the crowd.


Sharing the stage with such notable acts as Moe., Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Medeski Martin & Wood, Deep Banana Blackout, Keller Williams, Dark Star Orchestra, Robert Randolph, Vince Welnick, The Wailers, and the Jazz Mandolin Project (just to name a few), as well as playing many major venues and festivals in the northeast such as Nectars, Northern Lights, The Stone Pony, Tobacco Road (r.i.p.), Strangecreek, Stonehenge Music Festival, Musefest, the NY State Harvest Festival, and of course the infamous "Baconfest", Unexplained Bacon continues to sizzle up greasy music to audiences all over the Northeast and beyond. Grab a copy of their album "Right off the Bone" , and look for copies of "Release My Breakfast" at one of the next shows and check it out for yourself. Unexplained may not be good for the heart, but it's damn good for the soul!

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